How Much Does an Animated Video Cost?

When it comes to digital marketing, videos are a must-have as they help generate 66% more qualified leads than other marketing tools.  On top of that, they help increase brand awareness by over 50%. Among the various ways companies can use videos, animations and explainer videos are arguably the most effective.

This is why more and more organizations are considering incorporating videos in their marketing strategy. Doing so requires making some adjustments to the digital marketing strategy and budget. As such, creative directors looking to capitalize on animated videos always enquire about the cost.

Though it’s virtually impossible to give a definitive answer to such questions, we’re always excited to get them. Creating animated videos is not the same as developing other digital marketing tools. There are a lot of different elements that come into play that influence the cost.

Therefore, the best way to figure out how much an animated video production company will charge is to learn about the production process.

The Nature of Video Development

One thing we’ve come to appreciate as an animated video production company is the flexible nature of developing videos. At any stage of the development process, we can make adjustments to the different elements of the video, such as designs, scripts, or the entire concept.

This flexibility, coupled with our commitment to delivering top-notch videos to our clients allows us to create highly customized videos. However, this flexibility also makes it challenging to determine the actual cost of the project before completion.

Fortunately, to ensure projects do not exceed our client’s budget, we can work within the limit they set.

Key Services Offered by an Animated Video Production Company

  • Discovery- Before video development begins, we work with the client to set project goals to ensure they are ideal for the brand’s objectives and target market.
  • Story- At this stage, we come up with a concept for the animated video and create the script for the narrator and displayed texts as well as storyboard development.
  • Visuals- We create and test different designs for the animation.
  • Motion- After finalizing the designs, we begin creating the animations and fine-tuning the timings.
  • Audio- This is where we find a suitable voiceover artist, do the recordings and add relevant sound effects to the video.
  • Wrapping up- Before handing the animation to the client, we review it and make necessary tweaks to ensure it’s perfect.

Do These Services Affect Pricing?

As an animated video production company, we are dedicated to offering impeccable services. This is why we commit as much time as needed for each phase of development. We also make adjustments upon the request of clients. Depending on the amount of effort and time dedicated, each service will contribute to the final price.

Different Styles of Animated Explainer Videos

Our animation production services cover different types of animated videos, such as:

  • Custom Animated Corporate Videos
  • Cartoon style animation
  • Kinetic type animation
  • Whiteboard animation
  • Live-action (With motion graphics)

What Determines The Cost of Animated Videos

There are two key factors that significantly influence the cost charged by an animated video production company. These are:


Generally, explainer videos are 60-90 seconds long. This may seem like a short duration, but each second of the video requires a lot more time for production and development. As such, animation companies in Toronto first consider the desired length to estimate cost.

There are different types of animated videos. Each is suitable for unique objectives and requires a different amount of production work, hence charged differently by an animation video production company.

How to Budget Your Animation Project

Budgeting for an animated video project can be challenging, especially when it does not fit standard project frameworks provided by an animated video production company. For a clear picture, reach out to animation companies Toronto with details about the type of animated video you want, and they’ll give you a quote.

Alternatively, you can set a budget for your project, and your animated video production company will create a custom animated corporate that fits your budget.

Are Animated Production Services Worth it?

When developing products, organizations ensure that they are ideal to meet the needs of their clients. However, without appealing to the customers, sales will remain low even if you have the best product in the market. By working with an animated video production company, you will have an engaging way to pass your message across.

They also make it easy to communicate complex concepts in an easy-to-understand way. More importantly, 72% of consumers prefer learning about products and services through videos. Also, it’s easy to measure the return on investment (ROI) as it helps:

  • Improve SEO rankings
  • Increases levels of engagement, satisfaction, and brand awareness among your customers
  • Improves conversions rate
  • Boosts sales

What to Look for in An Animated Video Production Company in Toronto


For your animated video marketing campaign to be effective, you must find a reliable animated video production company. More importantly, you should develop a close relationship, as this will be essential for the success of future projects.

Review the Portfolio

Before you begin working with an animated video company, review their portfolio. Their previous projects will give you a clear idea as to whether they can deliver the results you desire.

Focus on Quality

As you review animated video production services in Toronto, it is easy to get carried away by the number of videos they create. However, this is not necessarily a measure of competence. Review specific videos and ensure that they are of high quality.

Other aspects you should be keen on include:

  • Business model
  • Quality of sound design
  • Script quality
  • Level of teamwork

Create a Great Animated Video with Bee Video Productions

The first step for developing an effective animated video that’s within budget is planning. This is why we encourage our clients to determine how much they are willing to spend on the ad and who their ideal audience is. However, based on the potential of corporate animated videos, you should consider how much value it will have for your business as you set the budget.

Want to learn more about how explainer videos can boost your bottom line? Reach out to Bee Video Productions today for a free consultation.


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