Explainer Videos 101: Types, Tips, and Benefits

Are videos part of your marketing strategy? If not, you are missing out on an incredible tool for reaching customers and boosting conversions. Video marketing is currently touted as the future of digital marketing, and with good reasons. The consumption of video content has been on a steep upward trajectory, and many consumers want to see more video content from their favourite brands.

Because of this, not only are videos great for marketing, but they also keep your audience engaged and boost brand loyalty. There are many ways to use videos to further your brand’s objectives, but explainer videos are one of the most effective.

In this article, you will learn about explainer videos— why they should be part of your marketing strategy, how to use them, and why it is crucial to work with an experienced production company.

What Is an Explainer Video?

As the name suggests, explainer videos are short videos companies use to explain a concept associated with their product or service. For organizations with a website or social media pages, such videos are invaluable as consumers are increasingly unlikely to read instructions or listen to tutorials.

Depending on the design of your website and layout, you can place explainer videos on the homepage, landing pages, or dedicated product pages. Video content makes it easy for brands to express their value proposition in an engaging and easy to understand format as it stimulates both visual and auditory senses. As a result, it increases the retention and conversion rates of websites.

Explainer videos are effective because we tend to learn through stories. Facts tell and stories sell as they say. This then gives you a good platform for introducing new concepts to your audience and in the process, increases brand recognition and loyalty.

Types of Explainer Videos

As with most digital marketing tools, explainer videos come in varying formats and designs depending on the specific goal and budget. Most explainer videos will take a month or more from the onset of production until the final copy is ready. This is why it is vital to seek professional production services to ensure your investment in video marketing delivers the desired results.

The types of explainer videos include:

1. Live-Action Explainer Videos

Live-action explainer videos are also known as How-to videos. Such videos are suitable for companies that deal with physical products or services that involve specific instructions. Restaurants, law firms, and other consulting businesses fall under this category.

The use of real people in everyday settings in these ads provides an emotional element that will attract viewers to your brand.

2. Animated Explainer Videos

For organizations that want to capture the imagination of their audience, animated explainer videos are great. These explainer videos give you more creative freedom and allow you to make updates even after production is completed. Animated explainer videos are especially suitable when dealing with services or intangible products such as applications and software.

3. Whiteboard Explainer Videos

If you want something easy and low-cost, your animated explainer video company can develop a whiteboard explainer video. These are animated videos that are hand-drawn on a whiteboard.. Due to the simplicity and low-cost nature of whiteboard explainer videos, they are an easy way to kick off your video marketing campaign.

How to Make an Explainer Video

Step 1: Write the Video Script

The primary objective of creating an explainer video is to pass a particular message to your audience in a clear and succinct way. The first and most important step in the process involves developing the script. Since explainer videos are only about sixty seconds long, it is important to ensure the script is well-written and follows a specific process.

The key to developing an effective script is understanding your audience and observing the following guidelines:

  • Keep the script short but concise
  • The steps should be clear and concise
  • Communicate directly to your audience and use a suitable tone
  • Incorporate humour or lightheartedness

By working with an explainer video company, you will have access to a pool of professionals who are skilled at crafting engaging and catchy scripts that will remain in the minds of viewers.

Step 2: Storyboard

The script is then translated into a storyboard so that everyone can see and agree upon the images that correspond with the narrative.

Step 3:  Record the Voiceovers

Once the script is complete, if you are not using live actors, you will need people to provide the voiceovers in the animated video. It is important that the voiceover artist matches the personality and energy of the rest of the video elements.

Step 4:  Explainer Video Animation

When it comes to explainer video animation, you have a few options. The first is doing the animations yourself. This requires knowledge of various animation software, which are not always easy to learn, and so the quality may not be as good as with other options.

The other options are hiring a freelance animator or working with an animation video production company. With a freelancer, you can get quality animation, but a production company will provide the needed oversight to tie all the elements together- script, animation, graphics, music, voice over and branding.

Step 5: Music and Sound Effects

As the story unfolds, the explainer video should tap into the emotions of the viewers. The best way to achieve this is by incorporating relevant background music and sound effects. If you are not sure which music will be suitable, the video production company you work with will help find appropriate music as well as ensure you do not infringe on any copyright and licensing regulations.

Step 6: Start Sharing the Video

One of the main benefits of explainer videos is that they are easily shareable. Once production is complete, upload the video on your website and social media pages. Once online, viewers can immediately begin sharing engaging custom animated videos, increasing your reach.

Frequently Asked Questions About Explainer Videos

1. What are the services included in the cost of an explainer video?

A lot goes into producing an excellent explainer video. To ensure your explainer video is high quality and will communicate the intended message effectively, the cost of animation production services will include:

  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboard development
  • Animation
  • Voiceover artists
  • Background music and effects
  • Language versioning and subtitles
  • Customization with logos, brand colour, and other elements that help distinguish your brand

2. How much time will it take to create an explainer video?

The amount of time required to create an explainer video depends on the type of video and complexity of the concept. With whiteboard explainer videos, you can expect to have the animated video in 2 to 3 weeks. For 2D videos, the duration is approximately four to six weeks from conceptualization to completion. When it comes to 3D videos, it will take 5-8 weeks, and possibly more if the video is complicated.

3. Will you create a video for me even if I am from a different country?

The best thing about video animation services is that you do not need to make an in-office visit to have your animated video created. Whether you are in the US, Europe, or Asia, you can get in touch with us via Skype, email, or phone to have your explainer video created in the language of your choice. By giving us timely feedback at every stage of production and assisting with accurate translation when needed, your explainer video will be ready at the agreed-upon time.

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