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I know, I know, no one needs another Covid update. We’re all aware that these are “unprecedented times” and we’re all “pivoting”. How many times can we hear the word “social distancing” in one day? So I hate to add to the sea of updates from every supplier you’ve ever met.

That said, I’ll try and share some useful information here and stay brief. 

Lessons learned for us- agility is key. Radical honesty always. And our mission has become to bring creativity, innovation and smart on line solutions to the services we provide. Practically speaking, we can’t shoot live action, so our focus has been on unique animation and consulting. 

Here’s a few examples of of what we’ve been working on: 

Our first Covid themed video was for a Florida Law Firm. We love it because we took a rather formulaic message and punched it up with some fun, slightly unexpected animation. It was also the first time we did a video in both English and Spanish!

Also, check out this beauty that we did for RIWI. We have been experimenting with hand drawn and semi hand drawn “doodle style” animation, and this is a great example. This is the result of a new storyboard process as well. 

On that note, here’s another more ‘raw’ style of animation, suitable for Edgewood Health Network’s message of addiction’s effect on family. 

We also did a great series of animated social videos for iCapital. We refer to these videos as ‘kinetic typography’. Very clean, simple and effective. 

And finally, some people might not think of this as animation, but taking existing still photography or video and adding motion graphics is also a type of animation. We do lots of these types of videos. Here’s an example of what we did for Accenture and for Allstream

Okay so that’s it! In short, we’re holding up, carrying on, and yes, we will get through this. 

If you need an animated corporate video, drop me a line. We’d be happy to help. 

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