Pivoting in a Post Covid World

One thing you may not know about me is that I’m a real worrywart. A few weeks before this outbreak my family was trying to convince me to go on a cruise. I told them I would never want to go on a cruise- not for reasons of fears of a pandemic,  but my complaint was- what if a lunatic snuck a gun onto a cruise ship? We’d all be sitting ducks. I get teased about that now (good thing we didn’t go on the murder ship!). but hey I guess ultimately I was right 🙂 so suffice to say as a natural-born worrier this has not been an easy ride for me.

 As a video producer, I’ve seen a substantial decline in my projects for obvious reasons (the instructions in our industry are that unless you are working on a news-related shoot, which is considered an “essential service” then we have to cease all production). We had a big shoot scheduled that was going to require us to travel across Canada, along with another shoot at a hospital (obviously, that was canceled very quickly) and an event for the Globe and Mail. We were so excited to get started. It’s hard to see projects that you worked so hard to develop come to a screeching halt.

But of course, you have to make a choice to brush yourself off and get back up. I’m home with three beautiful children and my entire family is healthy and (relatively) happy. We’ve got this great big protective dog who’s been a great source of joy these days. (some of you may have seen her on my video calls).  I really think she’s tired of all the attention and endless walks though! I have some truly amazing clients who will be there when all this is over. (I have to keep reminding myself my projects were not canceled; they were delayed)  I have much to be grateful for. 

So back to business: For every door that closes another door opens and for me that means I simply have to pivot my business from live-action to animation and consulting. It’s not that hard. We have a great portfolio of animated projects already And I still work with some amazing clients on the consulting side (I have to write a whole other blog about heartwarming client stories). 

I’m happy to report that I already have gained four new clients in the past few weeks.  I am doing an animated video for a data company. I am doing consulting work for a production company, I am creating a series of seven social media videos for a telecommunications company and I just landed a short animated explainer video for a law firm in Florida.

In case you are wondering what I mean by “animated videos”, here’s a breakdown along with some samples

There is a huge range of ways to communicate through animation. it’s almost more useful to think of animation as anything that does not require filming in person.  There are compilation videos which are a series of stock videos and stills compiled together to tell a story using text and voice over and music. Here’s a compilation video we did for iCapital (through agency Hop Skip Marketing) Another one that we did for Camino Chocolate and Gravitate Travel. 

Then there’s animated videos using motion graphics and still photography, like the ones we did for Accenture and CD Howe Institute.

And then there’s a traditional illustrated animated video, like the one we did for Edgewood Health

We can also do animated graphics and logos like we did for Ross Petty Productions and Sync Effect

So, if you think it’s time to start communicating with your clients again, consider the powerful messaging that can come from animation. Now more than ever, clients need to know you are still there and perhaps more importantly, how your company is pivoting in this “new normal” environment. 

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Thanks and stay safe!

~ Brigitte


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