Video Marketing IS Digital Marketing

Jan 28-2020

Let’s E-A-T!

Little by little, companies are bringing digital marketing in house as they become more and more digitally savvy. But what does digital marketing even mean anymore?

As in house marketing efforts continue to grow and evolve, so does the search engine algorithm and the way audiences consume content. So it’s always a race to keep ahead of the marketing curve. For many companies digital marketing has meant inundating their audiences with digital ads and popups. This has caused consumers to become increasingly resistant to these ads, now finding ways to block them altogether.

Around 30% of all internet users are now using ad blockers to avoid these annoying ads. According to a Deloitte Global survey, more than 17% of consumers ages 18-34 block ads in four or more categories. This means that today’s largest consumer audiences — Gen Z and millennials — probably aren’t even seeing most ads targeted directly toward them.

And so companies large and small are realizing that their audiences are no longer responding to in-your-face ads — they want real, authentic and value added content. This has led Google to push companies to create more of this type of content: In August of 2018, Google pushed content marketing (aka mostly video marketing) into a high gear.

This update to the algorithm completely changed how Google ranks websites in search results, focusing on three core components: Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness (= the E-A-T nickname).

So now, by implementing all three EAT concepts into your website, companies can make a big dent in their SEO rank on Google.

Yes, blogs work with search (thus this one!) But as far as I’m concerned the very best way to increase your E-A-T rating is through video production. That’s why I think digital marketing is eventually going to be synonymous with video marketing.

As we all know (and as a parent, I admit I don’t love this trend) people, especially young people, don’t want to read — they want to press play. By now most companies know they need video in their marketing plans. But video production is expensive and specialized so invariably must be outsourced.

Video’s popularity has exploded in recent years: Now, more than 250 million hours of videos are watched each day on YouTube (probably a million of those are in my home alone!)

The piles of statistics and studies across the web go on and on, proving just how much people around the world are embracing video. So if your company has in house marketing, but want to outsource your video production to ensure you give your audience exactly what they want, reach out to Bee Video today.

Thanks for reading (stay tuned for the video!)



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