Why Do I Need An Animated Video?

Why do I need an animated video? I think the better question is why don’t I have an animated video? Or if I have one, why don’t I have more?

Before I answer that question, let me tell you a bit about myself. I’ve worked in the production industry my whole career, mostly on the business side and entirely on the live-action side. I started Bee Video Production almost 3 years ago now which seems like a relatively short period, but it’s felt like a lifetime. In the past 3 years, I have made over two hundred videos.

One of the things I’m most proud of is that we can equally move between animation and live-action depending on what the story requires. Not many other production companies can do that. But it was important to me from the start that we be equally conversant in the language of animation as in live-action. That required building out two quite different skill-sets. I was told on quite a few occasions that I should specialize and become more niche. But I didn’t want to be constrained by what kind of story we wanted to tell so we worked hard to understand both genres equally well. And it was worth it.

The animation is a very powerful medium and as more and different animation software arrives on the marketplace it becomes even more so every day. 3D, 2D, VR, AR, whiteboard, kinetic typography, explainer videos, the list goes on and on. The ability to tell a story using animation is almost limitless. A lot depends on your budget and the time you have to develop your project. The rest is only limited by your imagination.

Okay so back to the question: why do I need an animated video? answer: because they work. as we’ve discussed in the past the demand for a product story has expanded to almost every sector of our economy. in other words- people want to know the story of a product before they buy it. Your clients want to know how your product is made, who made it, why they made it, what are the values around that product?

The easiest way to tell that story is to animate it. Tell your product’s origin story. Explain how it was made. Tell people why you made it. Demonstrate why it’s special. Be specific about why someone should buy it. If your product is complex use animation to simplify it.

We have worked with a big drug company, a big consulting firm and a think tank (we have NDA’s on all of them!) to create animated videos. A good animated video engages viewers from the first second. it is almost always less than 3 minutes and often just over one minute. In certain cases, a 30-second animated video can be highly powerful and effective.

Another great reason to choose an animation for your video is that you can easily incorporate the look and feel of your brand right into the story. Music selection, font, colors, icons, voice-overs, even the timing of the transitions can be used to reflect and support your particular brand.

Most animated videos start with the same basic act structure (actually live-action videos follow a similar format). We always start with Who? What? And why? These three core acts allow us to present a problem and then solve it.

Our animated corporate videos also follow a basic formula: they start with a great storyboard, they are concise, they solve a problem, and they do it with on-brand graphics, music, and voice-overs. The right explainer video can take virtually any concept and turn it into an engaging story.

Every day, video is gaining momentum as one of the fastest-growing marketing channels. It’s the perfect time to explore the power of an effective animated video. So call Bee Video today for a free quote. Because nothing is more powerful than a story well told!


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