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Animated videos

What’s an Animated/ Explainer Video?

Simply put, an explainer video is a short animated video that breaks down a complex idea into a short, engaging and entertaining story.

We do this by working with you to create a clear and concise script and then choosing the right animation, graphics, music and voice overs that reflect the core values of the concept or product. It's both engaging and educational, and can be used a multitude of ways on all platforms. They are also really easy to version into other languages.

Live Action Videos

Consider that if a picture is worth a thousand words- one minute of video is considered equivalent to around 1.8 million words. So think carefully before you commit your story to video. It’s a very powerful medium. In the right hands it can be a game changer for your company and done poorly, can really harm your brand. So trust your shoot to a professional team. We'll plan, shoot and edit your project to the highest broadcast standards.

Consulting and Executive Producing

Some people are naturally DIY’ers. They want to make their own videos. And YouTube is filled with millions of examples of people who have been successfully (or unsuccessfully) vlogging for themselves.

At Bee Video, our position is that digital is forever and bad video has a way of coming back to haunt you.

So if you want to set yourself up for vlogging or doing your own video, hire us for a few hours to consult on things like equipment, lighting, set design etc so that you are set up for vlogging success.

And if you need help on bigger projects we have lots of experience with the business affairs and financing of television in Canada. We understand the funding and broadcasting systems really well and once your project is complete, we can help you make the distribution choice that works best for your project.

Custom Animated Corporate Videos

Video ads have been around for a while. However, unlike in previous years where they were reserved just for television, today, video content is mostly consumed on smartphones and other devices. Due to the immense content available online, web users are highly selective about the content they choose.

Therefore, for your video marketing campaign to be effective, your videos must be engaging from start to finish. The goal of any marketing campaign is to boost sales or create brand awareness. Whichever the case, there’s no better way to achieve your objective than by working with a custom animated video production company.

Animation production services can help your brand stand out from your competitors as they are a unique and engaging way to deliver your message to consumers.

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