Brigitte Sachse

Founder + Executive Producer

Brigitte’s twitter bio sums her up pretty well:
“Founder and Exec Producer at Bee Video + wife, hockey mom x 3, friend, neighbour, volunteer, patriot, news junkie, lover of life.”

But here are a few more things you might not know about Brigitte: she has almost 20 years experience in the production industry. She oversees every project with passion and integrity. Her strength is in bringing a client’s vision to reality, on time and on budget. Her favourite part of the production process is picking the music. Her favourite show is Game of Thrones.

Raffy Abo Abo

Animator, Motion Designer + Graphic Designer

Raffy is a full-time motion designer, animator and graphic designer for Bee Video Productions. Before coming to Bee Video, he worked for Toronto-based company Compucage International, where he worked primarily as an editor as well as a graphic design generalist.

He is a graduate of the University of Makati in the Philippines, with a Degree in Digital Arts where he majored in Animation. Throughout his career, he has combined his education and work experience with gained knowledge in many areas such as Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Editing, Animation, Storyboarding and Illustration.

Motion design is a real passion for Raffy. He has designed and animated logos for Tundra, Expresia and many others. He has created storyboards, animatics and animations for many Bee Video clients – including a series of 20 animated educational videos for CLEO.

Raffy is based in Burlington, Ontario. In his spare time, he enjoys exploring his town with his wife and young son.

Patrick Simas

Designer, Illustrator + Animator

Patrick has a post-graduate degree in animation from the prestigious Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro. He is a very creative artist with over 20 years of experience in both Brazil and now in Canada. His work can be seen on the animated projects we did for CBC – #Caremongering and Trickster- as well as many of the explainer videos we’ve done for corporate clients. Patrick loves spending time with his family and building wooden bikes.

Andrew Samuel Vance

Shooter + Editor

Andrew is a Toronto based freelance DOP. Since graduating University in 2015 with a degree in Media Studies, specializing in Digital Communications, Andrew has worked with both global corporations and small businesses to help them create video content that showcases their brand. He has worked on many Bee Video projects, including 2U, MD Team, Pascal Wealth Tech and a really cool music video for Headspinner Productions where he managed to shoot with the challenging combination of kids, puppets and greenscreen.

Paulo Mauricio Macedo


Paulo is a freelance shooter that steps in when ever we need his amazing talents on set. He has diverse experience in documentary, branded and events and is especially good at storytelling. He recently completed a doc in Antarctica. You can see his work on the CD Howe, YourTherapy, EU and Lee Valley videos.

Carlos Darcie


Carlos is an exceptionally talented animator that has created the animation for City of Toronto, Bechert Law, i Capital and many others

Gavin Lee


Gavin is a Toronto based freelance DOP.  Gavin (or GLEE for short), is a graduate from Seneca College’s Television Broadcasting Program.

Prior to his career in production, he used to manage a Blockbuster Video (if anyone still remembers what that is) constantly reminding customers they have late fees. As well as camera, he does grip, camera assisting and even a bit of hair and make-up. He has worked on many Bee Video projects, including 2U, MD Team, Treat Accessibly and Invafresh. When he’s not shooting he loves to travel to exotic corners of the globe.

Jian Tan

Production Manager

Jian specializes in production management, specifically quality control and scheduling. He also edits and does some design work. Jian has worked with Bee Video since early 2021. He has worked on many Bee Video projects, including managing a series of 30 videos for the Canadian Legal Education Organization (CLEO). He will graduate from York University in Toronto in 2022 with a degree in Media Arts.  In his spare time, he likes to spend time with his family and friends and rewatch his favourite animated movies.

Joel Mens

Second Camera 

Joel recently completed studying film and TV at Humber College with a primary focus in cinematography.

Joel excels in lighting and camera techniques, being very well-versed with industry-standard lighting, grip, and camera equipment. In addition to cinematography, Joel is also an experienced photographer, with a primary interest in shooting 35mm and medium format film.

Our Team

Video Producers

Our team of video producers combine high quality video storytelling infused with a knowledge of marketing, communications, and promotion to develop meaningful, differentiated, and authentic videos for small and medium sized companies. Our core values are trust, creativity, diversity and integrity.

We don’t just shoot cool videos; we help you craft a story that will reach your customer and make them fans. We’ve seen firsthand how the power of video can increase SEO, increase leads, build trust and relationships. We provide great videos and show you how to use them. The rest is up to you.