Using Animated Videos for Digital Marketing

Do you want to create highly shareable content for your brand that’s intriguing, engaging, informative, persuasive, and entertaining? Of course, you do! Brand managers dream of this type of content. If you want to tell your brand’s story, consider working with a video production company. They can help you with branding, product launches, and training. While live-action videos can be compelling, you may want to incorporate animated videos into your digital marketing strategy this year.

Animated Videos for Digital Marketing

Animated videos evoke emotional reactions while still providing the consumer with important information about your product or service. So, why should you choose an animated video to tell your brand’s story when developing your digital marketing strategy?

Why You Should Deploy Animated Videos in Your Marketing Plan

Many brands hire content creators to push content out across the internet in the most visible way possible. This content can be found everywhere, and you need a way to stand out among the crowd. You will gain the leading edge on your competition by deploying animated videos.

Make animated videos a key tool in your marketing arsenal as they don’t saturate the market. This will make your content stand out above the competition. Working with an animation video production studio on your brand creation ensures the result will be exactly what you’re looking for.

Animated Videos Explain and Invoke Emotion

Videos represent a popular way for companies to inform their customers about some aspect of the company, product, or service. Animated explainer videos illustrate concepts, products, services, and results to potential customers in a friendly, relatable way that comes with a healthy dose of nostalgia.

Nostalgia has always been a significant element of advertising. This may be true now more than ever as the digital world takes over our daily lives and people seek a sense of comfort and the well-known. Videos and video marketing have a high conversion rate for creating new customers, and animated videos can expand a customer base even further.

Use Animation to Stop the Social Media Scroll

Envision a buyer’s journey across social media platforms. A constant stream of static text and photos permeates their experience. Animated videos offer an energizing and refreshing presence in the world of social media and other digital marketing channels.

Animated Videos Amp up SEO

Including animated videos on your corporate website will amp up search engine optimization (SEO) results. If you’re in the position of selling your digital marketing plan to your supervisors or company owners, they will likely want to hear how you plan to improve this metric. SEO rankings reward animated videos because they drive traffic to your website, substantiating the value of your company. You’ll have more inbound links, and visitors will spend more time looking at what you offer online. 

Making Video Accessible

Previously, if you didn’t have the budget for a TV commercial or the know-how to produce content on YouTube, you limited your ability to use video marketing. The enormous growth of video sharing options on social media platforms allows your business to enter this highly effective realm of the marketing machine.

How to Use Animated Videos to Grow Your Brand

Animated videos create the feeling of a helpful friend telling you about something exciting. This doesn’t put up people’s guards,as can happen when they know they are about to get a sales pitch. It also allows audiences to place themselvesmore easily in the video, using the product or service. They can see themselves there more readily because animated videos ignite the imagination.

Explainer Videos Simplify and Enliven Complex Concepts

Explainer videos reflect a common trend for animated video technology in marketing. These videos break down complex concepts into digestible bits of information that people can more easily process and retain in a short amount of time. No one knows your product or service better than you. You can work directly with a video production company to isolate the key concepts you want to convey in your animated video. With their team, you’ll discuss graphics, audio, text, and voiceovers that fit exactly what you want to get across to your audience.

Explainer videos can show how a product works or follow its journey in the chain of production. This can be especially useful if you want to showcase a sustainably created product. Explainer videos can also follow a customer’s experience from start to finish. New and potential customers have a lot of questions. While FAQ web pages and blog posts remain important and valuable tools, animated videos that answer common inquiries become more shareable and aid visual learners.

Like infographics can share complex concepts, data, processes, etc., in simple, easy-to-follow ways, animated videos pair this information with eye-catching movement and entertainment value. Explainer videos establish your brand’s reputation as a trusted expert in your industry.

Animation Videos for Eye-Catching Storytelling

You may also create animated videos to share as stock digital tools for your customers. Websites such as iStock can host your animated videos that answer frequently asked questions or give useful tips. Another use for animated videos is to tell your company’s story—where you came from, what you can offer, and how the process of hiring or using your product will improve your customers’ lives.

Animated Videos Give You More Control

Many video production companies use cloud-based communication for your animated videos, so work can happen anywhere, efficiently creating the video you want. This breaks down the barriers of spending hours on a set, meaning you can keep working on engaging the rest of your marketing plan.

When you’ve got a specific vision in mind for a video, finding a real person who can convey the exact emotional tone you’re going for can be challenging. The possibilities are nearly endless when animating because you do not face the limited capabilities of live people and physical locations.

Animated Video Specialists

If you’re reading this, you already know the power of video. You reveal your business savviness by utilizing this buyer’s preference in learning about a product. You aim to take your company directly to the buyers, giving them the marketing contentthey like. You also provide them a product or service they need, showing how it can works for them on a platform they appreciate.

Why Work With Bee Video Productions for Your Animated Video Project?

Bee Video Productions is solely invested in the video marketing industry. It’s all we do. Because of this, we’ve perfected a simple, predictable process that removes the risk for your marketing dollars. Our diverse crew and client-facing senior team work for you to create custom content for your brand.

Bee Video Productions knows that our brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than words. You’ve only got a short window to make an impression on your audience. Make the most of it by calling Bee Video Productions in Toronto today at (647) 625-9629 to find out how our expert storytellers can make animated videos work for your brand.


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