7 Ideas for Your Next Event Video Production

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  1. Importance of Corporate Video Productions
  2. An Introduction to Event Video Productions
  3. How to Make an Effective and Engaging Event Video
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The Covid-19 pandemic brought a lot of changes in the ways companies reach their target audiences. Many companies found themselves forced to make significant adjustments to survive. With many companies unable to meet their customers in person, shifting to an online business model represented the only solution.

An event video production project increases future attendance by attracting the attention of the general public. These videos inform and update customers about the company’s new products, services, and upcoming events, ensuring they remain in the loop.

Event Video Production

Importance of Corporate Video Productions

Corporate video productions assist in the training of recruits. Plus, as companies allow employees to work remotely, they can utilize videos to retrain existing staff and bring them up to date with new company policies. Videos also explain new tactics and techniques to boost employee efficiency, which leads to an increase in revenue.

Event videos increase memory retention regarding a company’s products and services. They visually engage audiences, so you can educate customers and employees.   

An Introduction to Event Video Productions

Planning and executing official corporate events represent a difficult task for even the most seasoned event planner. Outsourcing your event video productions reduces the workload and ensures your company’s event enjoys increased exposure. Event videos also capture the audience’s attention, providing you with an opportunity to make a massive impact. You can also store particularly informative event videos for future training and promotion. 

You may want to consider event video productions for your company’s upcoming corporate gathering because of the manifold benefits they provide. Read through our list of 7 ideas for your next event video production to ensure everything goes swimmingly during your next big event.

Event Presentation Videos

Event presentation videos capture speeches during corporate meetings and gatherings. Companies can utilize these videos to inform employees who missed an event or incorporate them into future presentations that deal with similar topics.

Past event presentation videos can also promote future occasions through commercials and press kits. These videos present a cost-effective solution with just one camera capable of completing the task; although, multiple cameras prove more effective.   

Pre-Event Announcement Videos

When used as a promotional tool, pre-event announcement videos help generate interest and curiosity about a company’s events. They provide companies with a platform to share new ideas or introduce keynote speakers in advance. These videos can also help boost attendance by encouraging more people to register for the event.

Videos Played During Events

Companies can play videos during events to generate excitement and draw people into the company’s event space. They assist companies in maintaining a connection with audiences when things slow down between headliner presentations and call attention to the day’s future activities. They also help promote the next day’s events to ensure the audience returns the following day.

Post-Event Videos

Post-event videos highlight the activities that occurred during the gathering. These videos bring events to a close on a high note, reminding people of the ideas expressed one last time. Post-event videos, when stored, also provide companies with a way to reach out to the people who missed the event.

Launch Videos

Many companies rely on launch videos to introduce new ideas, products, or services to the public. These videos build awareness and excitement, helping to boost sales, attendance, and registration for the event. Launch videos engage audiences with visually appealing information about an upcoming event.

Expert Interview Videos

Expert interview videos represent an effective way to produce industry-specific video content. Companies can set up interviews or Q&A sessions with experts in different fields and record them on video. These videos can allow companies to educate and inform employees about new changes and provide an opportunity to reach out to potential customers.

Live Event Broadcast Videos

Live event broadcast videos represent an easy method for reaching out to larger audiences. The internet and streaming services come into play, with many companies broadcasting their events live via these channels. These videos do not require editing services and present an affordable way for companies to engage their audiences.

How to Make an Effective and Engaging Event Video

Event videos constitute a vital aspect of how well a company retains its competitive status in the post-pandemic marketplace. However, companies must produce high-quality videos to hold the audience’s attention and make a lasting impression. Three elements decide the effectiveness of an event video: informativeness, level of engagement, and quality.

The following points outline the steps needed to produce a compelling, engaging event video:

1.    Topic

Event videos should focus on a particular topic and provide specifics about the subject of the video. Irrelevant and unnecessary information may cause the audience to lose interest more quickly.

2.    Format

A variety of formats exist for the different types of event videos. Each format suits a particular subject or timeline. These formats include screencasts, presenter videos, interactive videos, and more.

3.    Script and Storyboard Preparation

Script and storyboard preparation ensures the success of event videos. A lack of preparation before making an event video may result in mistakes, leading to a failed objective. A script and storyboard highlight the sequence the video must follow to become successful. 

4.    Recording and Editing

If a video in its raw form does not suit a client’s purposes, video editing plays a crucial role in the success of a video. Annotations, text overlays, animated text, motion graphics, and added pictures make a video more engaging.

5.    Reviews and Discussions

Reviewing event videos before release represents an essential factor in how well an audience receives them. During the review, make sure the video sticks to its intended purpose. Discussions with stakeholders assist in identifying and ironing out mistakes made during the production of the video.

6.    Platforms for Release

Companies should remain focused on reaching their target audiences by choosing the appropriate platforms. These platforms include websites, streaming platforms, social media pages, and more.

Bee Video Helps You Create the Best Event Videos

Event video productions represent an indispensable tool to have in any company’s arsenal in order to remain competitive. At Bee Video, we produce engaging and professional event videos for our clients. We do our part to help your company flourish.

Contact Bee Video today at (647) 625-9629 for high-quality event videography services in Canada.


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