How Can You Personalize Corporate Training with Videos?

In this article, we’ll cover:

  1. The Power of Customized Video
  2. Generating Engagement in Training Videos
  3. Using Explainer Videos to Promote Employee Understanding and Mastery
  4. Corporate Videos that Put Your Employees in the Center of the Action
  5. Social Media Videos for Corporate Training
  6. Interactive Videos
  7. A Tested Process for Creating Personalized Custom Training Videos

The Power of Customized Video

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video can be worth even more. Marketing agencies, governments, and organizations around the world have recognized the power of sights and sounds in video to motivate people and engage with them emotionally.

Corporate Training Videos

In the modern workspace, employees are too often separated from the core mission of the business. They may work in cubicles or offsite from their home computers. Employees who disengage from their work will be less productive and harder to retain.

Don’t lose valuable employees. When you personalize corporate training videos, you demonstrate that they have a personal stake in the success of your enterprise. 

From the first stages of employee onboarding, your employees can envision themselves as key players in the success of the company and realize that they have a stake in the outcome. As employees progress and master the skills of their roles, customized training demonstrates that your business is willing to invest in their growth.

Generating Engagement in Training Videos

Corporate training videos are more than just content. They are a conduit for a meaningful connection between the employee and the brand persona of the company.

Reaching an employee is like reaching a consumer. Employees have individual motivations, learning styles, needs, wants, and perspectives. The secret to creating videos that inspire is matching the style and content of your videos with your employee’s trigger points and personal goals.

The engagement potential of a training video depends on the aesthetics of the video itself, the resonance of the core message for the employees, and the ability to relate the video’s message to the employee’s personal views and workplace experience. For this reason, customization will almost always be more effective than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Using Explainer Videos to Promote Employee Understanding and Mastery

In many onboarding or professional development contexts, employees might feel unsure of their role in the company. They might feel either redundant or trapped within a maze of unclear or conflicting expectations. Other employees may understand their role and the tasks they are responsible for but fail to see a larger purpose for their work.

In these cases, an explainer video can put employees’ minds at ease. Explainer videos convey and elaborate on a core concept, such as a new product, new policy, or new productivity tool.  A personalized video is tailored to the employee’s role and other relevant factors.

An explainer must create a constructive, enjoyable, and approachable context that leads the employee to feel open to new ideas. The video demonstrates an understanding of the employee’s situations and concerns, along with the expertise and empathy necessary to guide the employee toward confidence and mastery.

The explainer is not just explaining – it is explaining to that employee, for a purpose that the employee can engage with. Customization shows employees that you value their professional development and know how to help them succeed in your organization.

Corporate Videos that Put Your Employees in the Center of the Action

If you depend on your employees for independent decision-making, employees must be empowered as well as informed. They must be able to see that their choices have an impact on workplace culture, business success, and their own career advancement.

Allegorical videos are useful for situations where you need to show the employees what to do in real-world scenarios, where their choices can boost sales, demonstrate compliance, or foster a positive workplace culture. Example applications of the allegorical style include sales training videos, sexual harassment prevention videos, workplace safety instruction, and corporate leadership,

Creating a customized video allows employees to place themselves in hypothetical situations that relate to their own work experience, making decisions that have a tangible impact on their career success and workplace conditions.

Employees in the modern world need more than simple rewards and entertainment. The digitized, interconnected world immerses us in a world of purpose that requires a thoughtful approach to employee training.

Social Media Videos for Corporate Training

We understand that the workplace has gone beyond the boundaries of the 20th-century office. Social media, while it can be trivial, is nevertheless a conduit for engaging employees online.

More and more employees seek out the convenience of online education and development, taking online courses and developing skills that align with their interests, sosocial media videos can be a valuable part of your corporate engagement policy. Using gamification, animation, and rewards, you can create a training video designed for an online context that guides employees toward productivity and core skill development in a way that boosts morale and engagement.

Interactive Videos

Interactive videos allow employees to proactively shape their learning experience. This adds a layer of customization and engagement, one that leaves each employee with a uniquely customized training experience.

At a minimum, interactive videos allow trainees to control the pace and, in some cases, the direction of study within the parameters of the training video. The possibilities for customized interactive training videos are endless.

A Tested Process for Creating Personalized Custom Training Videos

Creating videos that relate to an employee’s individual experience involves striking a balance between the need for consistency in employee behavior and the need to acknowledge and respect the individuality of each employee.

We thoroughly investigate the office culture, cash flow, and best practices in your business so that we can create a training video that reflects employee experiences.

Bee Video Productions is committed to providing memorable, targeted, and effective corporate training videos for employee onboarding, sustained training, compliance, restructuring, and many other situations where employee engagement and synergy are crucial. We provide both animated and live-action videos, customizing the media to suit the needs of your organization and the characteristics of your employees.

Discover how our simple yet effective process creates videos that bring together corporate objectives and employee needs and goals in an engaging, positive, and inspirational way. Call us at (647) 625-9629 to schedule a consultation so we can help you personalize corporate training videos that inspire and lead your employees.


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