Commercial Production Companies in Canada [ Top 6 ]

In this article, we’ll cover:

  1. Bee Video Productions
  2. Black Box Productions
  3. Key West Video
  4. Signature Video Group
  5. Your Story Agency
  6. Simple Story

Create compelling content with expert assistance from the top 6 commercial production companies in Canada. The goal for any commercial production company involves turning a client’s vision into reality, which requires constant engagement, high-quality production equipment, cutting-edge techniques, and lots of creativity.

commercial production companies in Canada

Digital marketing and video production companies must keep up with the specific demands of their clients to ensure perfection. Before collaborating with any production company in Canada, make sure you consider the following:

  • Review the video production services provided by the company
  • Determine whether the company’s digital strategies will achieve your objective
  • Ask for work samples and reviews from former clients
  • Get quotes from multiple production companies
  • Share your vision with the company that best suits your needs

To help you in your search, we present the top 6 commercial production companies in Canada below.

Bee Video Productions

Generating a buzz with video that drives home the message and enhances your business is what you can expect with Bee Video Productions. Getting customers to find you faster than you can find them is what can happen when you weave storytelling and technology together to create an impactful story.

With notable clients that include Royal Bank of Canada, Black’s, the CBC, Accenture, the City of Toronto and others, Bee Video Productions has a proven track record of producing tailor-made videos that deliver results, on budget and on time.

Video Production Services

  • Creative concept development
  • Script development
  • Logistics
  • Equipment
  • Location scouting
  • Video production (including remote)
  • Post-production services

Bee Video Productions understands the power of storytelling and its power is undeniable. They inject emotion and personality with every message through various types of videos:

If you are looking for success with your video messaging, look no further than Bee Video Productions in Toronto, Ontario.

Black Box Productions

Enhance your brand with the production expertise of Black Box Productions. TMT Media recently honoured Black Box Productions with the award for Best Full-Service Production Company in Canada. Black Box provides exceptional commercial advertising, digital marketing, and video production services to some of the most influential brands in Toronto and Montreal. 

If you plan to create new content and need professional help, Black Box Productions offers:

Concept and Development Services

  • Development of creative concepts
  • Scripting
  • Crew logistics
  • Equipment
  • Locations

Full-Service Production

  • Large-scale commercial and cinematic publicity
  • Videos for social media and the web

Post-Production Services

  • Editors
  • Visual effects artists

Key West Video

In Toronto, Key West Video comprises an award-winning team of expert producers, directors, videographers, and animators. They stand amongst the best in Canada for corporate video production. The Key West Video crew will help you tell your story with state-of-the-art equipment, transforming your vision into a video experience that immediately impacts consumer sentiment.

Key West Video offers:

Video Production Services

  • Video production
  • Post-production services
  • Event videos
  • Fashion show videos
  • Wedding videography
  • Concert videos

Corporate Services

  • Corporate animation
  • Specialty video
  • Corporate events
  • Photography
  • Trade shows and expos
  • Live webcast and streaming


  • Actor services
  • Acting and video workshops
  • Producers
  • Directors
  • Video editors
  • Animation experts

Signature Video Group

For the team at Signature Video Group in Toronto, stories mean everything. They believe a story can make your audience remember and connect. Starting as a boutique production company in 2009, Signature Video Group now collaborates with some of the biggest brands in Canada. They handle everything from conception to completion, depending on the needs of the client.

You should consider Signature Video Group because of the company’s demonstrated passion, fueled by a dedicated crew that delivers high-end video productions for every project. They believe in putting their audience first, which allows them to tell a story that resonates. From casting, location, set building, and design to equipment rentals and crew booking, Signature Video Group, a full-service video agency, will handle it all for you.

Signature Video Group offers the following services:

  • Creative concept development
  • Scripting
  • Production services
  • Post-production
  • Aerial and drone
  • Videography
  • Remote production
  • Seeding and optimization

Your Story Agency

Your Story Agency represents a results-driven video production agency. They help their clients to improve their digital marketing and communications through video. A proper strategy and the right delivery can produce immense revenue and save the client time, money, and energy. Based in Vancouver, Your Story Agency develops highly targeted, custom content strategies to help you achieve your company goals.

Businesses and other content creators should partner with Your Story Agency to save themselves some time for their core business and deliver their messages with consistency. A video shares more information than you might think. It not only communicates information but also builds an emotional connection with prospective customers.

Your Story Agency offers the following digital marketing services:

  • Strategy—Concept foundation
  • Deployment—Optimize and generate results
  • Production—Creation and development
  • Creative—Storyboarding and conceptualizing
  • Post-production—Bring the story to life
  • Online training—Plan, produce, and distribute content

Simple Story

Simple Story represents an award-winning video marketing agency in Ottawa, Canada. As an acclaimed video production company, they consider storytelling a medium to enhance branding through memorable entertainment. Stories have a way of simplifying messages and bringing a company’s idea or goal to center stage.

The artists, advertisers, marketers, and storytellers at Simple Story design and deliver story-driven messages through various types of videos:

  • Explainer video—A focus on finding a solution to a problem
  • Brand video—Philosophy of the company
  • Product video—Product plays the hero
  • Tutorial video—Educational and demonstrative
  • Testimonial video—Success stories
  • Trailer—A teaser to generate curiosity
  • Commercial—Generate awareness

Simple Story follows a systematic and creative process to tell a story, as follows:

  • Creative concept—Plot points and message
  • Storyboard—Visualizing the flow of events
  • Style frames—Enhancing the visuals with texture and colour
  • Voiceover—Storyteller
  • Styleboard—Fully designed scenes
  • Animation—Graphics into motion
  • Sound design—Sound effects and music


All of the top 6 digital commercial production companies in Canada develop and deliver creative, engaging, and high-quality videos. Spread throughout the country, these acclaimed video production companies will provide you with state-of-the-art digital strategies to turn ideas into stories and stories into videos, captivating the minds of your client audience.

Make a buzz with your next production project by calling Bee Video at (647) 625-9629 for commercials, corporate videos, social media videos, and more!


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