8 Common Types of Commercial Video Production

Corporations and small businesses have used video as a tool of the trade for decades—arguably since film was invented. Today, video is one of the most widely used methods of receiving and relaying information. As the popularity of video grows, innovations in production technology continue to make it more and more useful.

Types of Commercial Video Production
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At Bee Video, our dedicated team of professionals has experience in all types of commercial video production. We specialized in live-action and animated videos and have helped countless businesses all over the world. If you’re trying to plan a video for your company, you’re in the right place.

In this blog, we’ll be taking a closer look at eight of the most common—and effective—types of commercial video production. If you’d like to learn more about what professional video production can do for your business, feel free to explore our blog a bit more or call us at (647) 625-9629. We’re happy to answer all your questions.

Exploring Your Options: 8 Types of Commercial Video Production

While commercials and other video-based advertisements are by far the best-known type of commercial video production (and we all know what those are and how they work), quality video content is useful for far more than just selling products or services. Here are the eight most common types of commercial video production outside of commercials:

#1: Branding Videos

Branding videos are a method of spreading awareness and knowledge about a company. Establishing a reputation as a socially and environmentally conscious brand can make a significant difference in brand engagement.

Successful branding videos use well-themed colours or patterns and scripted messages carefully crafted to align with a company’s public image. Branding campaigns result in product or company familiarity that can increase engagement and generates leads.

#2: Recruitment Videos

All businesses rely on acquiring and retaining quality talent or membership. Recruitment videos provide a glimpse into a company or organization for prospective employees or candidates. It’s an opportunity to showcase the best features of any organization and generate interest. There’s no better way to attract top talent.

Recruitment videos also offer an opportunity to provide an overview of a company’s ideal candidate to help reduce unqualified applicants and offer refusals. They can be directed at existing employees or designed to be included with position listings online. Job fair presentations are another common use of recruitment videos.

#3: Conference Videos

Live-streaming conferences and seminars creates improved access to these services.  Equally important, providing recorded, archived copies of meetings and workshops allows on-demand access to learning and information.

Recorded company or organizational conferences, seminars, and more,can also allow for quick information reference and retrieval. In many cases, these videos can serve as future training aids for incoming members or employees too.

#4: Company Profile Videos

Company profiles are a way of letting consumers or prospective investors get an in-depth look at a business or corporation. These videos focus less on brand messages and themes than branding videos. Instead, company profile videos feature more about the organization’s inner workings and plans.

Company profile videos are an excellent showcase for company history, organizational structure, and future goals. Like conference videos, they can also be used for training purposes as part of new employee orientation programs.

#5: Promotional Videos

Similar to commercials, promotional videos showcase the applications and benefits of a company’s product or service. These videos are created for use in online and television formats and are typically longer and more in-depth than the average commercial.

The best promotional videos sell with information and provide viewers with everything they need to make an informed decision about the product or service being promoted.

#6: Social Media Videos

This type of video is typically shorter and more expressive than other types of commercial video production. On most social media platforms, shorter videos generate more engagement and are shared more often. No more than two minutes is considered ideal.

Because social media videos are so short, they are best suited for quick brand messages, company highlights, or advertisements. Social media videos are an excellent option for building a following, establishing an online presence, website traffic, search engine optimization, and more.

#7: Testimonial Videos

When new customers or clients are shopping around for services or products, the most common references they use are testimonials and reviews. Testimonial videos offer clients the opportunity to describe their experience with a company or product in their own words.

The best testimonial videos aren’t staged or scripted—though it takes a talented video production team to convince viewers that they aren’t. Of all the types of commercial video production, testimonial videos rely the most on the success of the brand or product itself.

#8: Industrial Videos

Industrial videos are technical, topic-specific videos aimed at an in-industry audience. This type of commercial video production involves focusing on the details of an industry product, service, or technique required for successful business operations.

Companies often use industrial videos for technical training and industry-specific procedure explanations. They should aim for a professional, informative edge that relates information in a concise yet engaging way. 

Need a Commercial Video Produced? Choose Bee Video!

It’s important to know which types of commercial video production will most benefit your business or organization’s brand, message, or product. Successful commercial videos are a vital component of any brand or marketing strategy, potentially increasing awareness and generating leads.

Beyond business applications, commercial video production also covers organizational recruitment, educational content, and so much more. Quality, professional video production enriches audience experience at every level.

When looking for a trustworthy video production company, you want a diverse yet dedicated professional team with extensive experience. At Bee Video, our qualified, friendly experts are proud to bring talent and innovation to commercial video production.

For more information about our services, explore our website, call us at (647) 625-9629, or contact us online. If you’re in the Toronto area, you’re also welcome to drop by our production studio at 15 John St, Unit 2.


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