Interview: Pivoting Your Business

Follow along as Bee Video Productions Owner, Brigitte Sachse, is welcomed to Creatives Grab Coffee, a show about the business of video production created by Lapse Productions. In this episode, B speaks primarily about pivoting your business – among other great topics like those listed below.

  • Pivoting Your Business 1:34-9:43
  • Shooting/Directing via zoom 13:08-15:39
  • Creating a Business Plan 20:26-26:41
  • Pricing Packages 26:44-29:49
  • Video is a “High Touch” Business 29:50-30:47
  • How did you come up with the name? 31:58-36:41
  • SEO 36:42-41:46
  • You Can’t Delegate A Role You Don’t Know 41:47-44:31
  • Biggest challenge a Solo Business Owner Faces 44:32-48:17
  • When to Incorporate 50:00-53:51
  • What was your turning point? 53:52-55:39
  • Your first projects 55:40-58:15
  • Pushing Through When Your Business Partner Leaves 59:39-1:03:19
  • Video Production Industry outlook for 2022 1:10:44-1:13:12


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