5 Smart Ways to Use Social Video for Your Marketing Goals

Video for social media is a tricky thing. On the one hand, it’s absolutely essential to tell your brand story. And anything that is related to your brand should be planned and on point. On the other hand video for social works best when done en masse.  

To have an unlimited budget and unlimited time shooting the video for social media can be a dangerous thing. Simply put, if it’s done badly it can damage your brand.

 Here are a few ways how to create video content for your social media platforms without breaking the bank but still maintaining quality.

 1. Stack shoot: in other words plan a shoot day and stack a bunch of episodes into one shoot. That way you get consistent lighting, sound and setting and maximize time spent in setup and takedown.

2. Schedule your uploads: we’re on occasion it makes sense to upload all your videos at once ( if for example, you’re hoping your viewers will binge watch) generally speaking it’s best to upload on a weekly basis at a regular time and a regular day. The research will tell you the best times and dates for your particular audience.

3. Build your content around a marketing calendar. This could mean a marketing calendar for your particular industry or in general big tent pole holidays and events such as the Super Bowl, Christmas and Halloween. Write content that lines up to be released just before these events and then ride any hashtags that arise and take advantage of immediate trends. Remember the #icebucketchallenge? or how about #winning?

4. Partner with an Influencer. There is nothing new in this piece of advice. Many many brands have partnered successfully with the right influencer – one whose values align with their own. This synergy is so popular because it’s economical and it’s timely. But be careful – aligning with the wrong influencer can also be disastrous. Remember Alicia Keys caught on her iPhone when she was being sponsored by BlackBerry? Uh oh!

5. Partner with a company that specializes in social media marketing. This is not shameless self-promotion. We do not specialize in social media marketing. But we can recommend companies that do. It is in our best interest that your videos find their audience and we have some great partners that can help you do that. 

Here at Bee Video, we’ve produced two YouTube series for clients ( both coincidentally cooking series). One lasted about a year-and-a-half. It was called My Left Frying Pan and we got over two hundred thousand views and 4000 subscribers the other was called The Spicy kitchen and it lasted about six months and got 43000 views and 3,000 subscribers. Both became great platforms for the hosts who ultimately we’re hoping to promote their businesses through their channels. 

If you want to be our next YouTube star get in touch and we’ll show you how to do it right! 


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