Meet our team

Brigitte Sachse

Founder and Executive Producer

Brigitte’s twitter bio sums her up pretty well:

“Founder and Exec Producer at Bee Video + wife, hockey mom x 3, friend, neighbour, volunteer, patriot, news junkie, lover of life. Sleep is for sissies.”

But here are a few more things you might not know about Brigitte: she has almost 20 years experience in the production industry. She oversees every project with passion and integrity. Her strength is in bringing a client’s vision to reality, on time and on budget. Her favourite part of the production process is picking the music. Her favourite show is Game of Thrones.

Carlos Ivan Gonzalez


Carlos is an award winning videographer and editor in his native Panama. He is fluently bilingual in English and Spanish. He brings an eye for great lighting and a great rhythm to his editing.

He shoots on a Canon 7D is skilled in graphic design, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. He loves action shots and his favourite part of the production process is capturing that perfectly framed shot. His favourite song is Despacito (NOT!)

Joe Cunningham


Joe has experience shooting various TV and commercial projects. He is a veteran of the Toronto production scene, and now you can find him hiding out in Rockwood with his wife, two little girls, and his dachshund Darcy until his next gig. He knows his gear- you might even call him a gear head.

He is shoots on a Panasonic 4K and in addition to being a great shooter, is skilled in lighting, sound, editing, compositing and delivery to broadcast specs. His favourite part of the production process is shooting interviews. He is also an avid guitar enthusiast.

Our team of video producers combine high quality video storytelling infused with a knowledge of marketing, communications, and promotion to develop meaningful, differentiated, and authentic videos for small and medium sized companies.

We don't just shoot cool videos; we help you craft a story that will reach your customer and make them fans. We’ve seen firsthand how the power of video can increase SEO, increase leads, build trust and relationships. We provide great videos and show you how to use them. The rest is up to you.